Monday, March 1, 2010

You need a corndog, I can tell

I have really been wanting corn dogs lately, so I finally made some. I'm not a huge fan of the "fake" hot dogs, but I figured covered in cornmeal they wouldn't be so bad. I found a simple recipe and wiped these up in no time. When it came to the frying part, I was thankful for my husbands help. I am not a pro at frying things. I always get the oil way to hot, burn the first batch of whatever I'm frying, and set the smoke alarm off. This time was no different, except we took the batteries out of the smoke alarm first. We did have to open all the windows and our eyes were burning from the smoke by the time we finished. The house still smells of burned oil and corn dogs today. I think next time I'll bake them. The photo is of the burned one, just right and double battered. I skewered them with a bamboo stick.

Total time:  15 minutes

Servings:  8  (2 each for dinner, 2 for lunch leftovers)

Original recipe:
National Corn Dog Day

My variation:
I used regular flour instead of wheat

Would I make it again:  Sure, but I'll try some other recipes

Husbands comments:  Even the burned ones aren't too bad.

Lessons learned:  Don't over heat the oil