Saturday, February 6, 2010


I developed an interest in food, recipes and cooking at a young age. I was fascinated by the colorful photos of perfect dishes and imagined the families ready to gather around the feast. We had many hand-written notebooks and recipe cards handed down from grandparents and loved ones. I remember my great grandmother preparing food enough for an army at our Sunday dinners. I fantasized about those women in their aprons cooking meals for their families. I wanted to grow up to be like them. I loved helping my mom and grandmas with the meals, peeling veggies or mixing batters. When I was older, I ventured into the kitchen on my own. And that's where things took a turn.

It's not that I'm a bad cook. I just have the urge to make the recipes "better." I thought if a little was good, more was better. That, and I always seemed to confuse tablespoons with teaspoons, resulting in numerous disasters. There was the "Baking Soda Cake" I made when I was probably 10. More baking soda is not better, especially if you're the unfortunate one to take the first bite. Then there was the inedible stir-fry with kelp powder I made when I was 19. More kelp powder is definitely not better. The slimy, fishy, kale and tofu concoction ruined my brothers faith in my cooking for a very long time. He still hesitates before trying anything I make. But I have to say, I have improved. Some.

So follow along with me on my journey to improve my skills in the kitchen. There will be masterpieces and disasters, but we'll learn from each experience. Hopefully......

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